What do we do in lockdowns?
  1. Lockdowns shall be used to facilitate disinfection and immediate contact tracing to guide isolation and quarantine decisions of personnel involved.
  2. Building (or floor) lockdowns shall be implemented by the respective institutional authorities (i.e. Administrative Services, Executive Board, etc.) and shall be done to facilitate disinfection of common areas such as stairways and corridors when clustering is reported in two (2) or more rooms / offices in that building.
  3. Granular Lockdowns in the community, down to the level of the barangay, shall be implemented by local government unit authorities consistent with the latest national or IATF guidelines. “Granular Lockdown” are Micro-level quarantine, singularly or collectively, in the level of barangay, block, purok,  street, subdivision/ village, residential building, or house, that are tagged as "critical zones (or CrZ)" by the DILG and Regional Inter-Agency Task Force (RIATF).
  4. National government, local government, and establishments shall provide assistance to those affected by lockdowns depending on needs, whether in cash or in kind.