What are the key functions of the COVID-19 Response Teams and the Safety and Health Officers

1. Ensure, monitor, and evaluate proper implementation and strict observance of minimum public health standards within their respective institutions

2. Effectively orient and constantly provide reminders to occupants regarding minimum public health standards, in coordination with management and LGUs for immediate action

3. Provision of the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to occupants or employees

4. Develop policies to sanction non-compliance to use of PPE in the workplace or institution

5. Conduct daily health and exposure screening

6. Isolate and test identified suspect cases

7. Lead the conduct of contact tracing, especially in the workplace or establishments, and their quarantine and, as needed, testing

8. Lead the investigation of the source and underlying cause of COVID-19 transmission, up to the capacity they can provide in conducting an investigation

9.  Report detected cases and close contacts to the LGU and DOH

10. Conduct regular re-orientation and health education and promotion activities using the BIDA campaign principles.

11. Manage the directory of point persons for BHERTS, LESU, and RESU, and coordinate for activities like isolation, testing and management of employees.