Dr. Paulino Garcia

He was the only Secretary, thus far, who had two terms of office. He was Chief Radiologist of the X-ray Center of the University of Santo Tomas before his first term as Health Secretary in 1954. His term continued with the passage of the Rural Health Act of 1954 that institutionalized the RHU system, which was demonstrated so successfully during Salcedo Administration. Various projects assisted by US agencies, the WHO and UNICEF continued during his term. The Reorganization Act of 1953, which was implemented only in 1958, resulted in massive decentralization through the creation of regional, provincial and municipal health officers.

He was the Chairman of the National Science Development Board before he was reappointed Secretary of Health in 1965 after 3 quick changes of Secretaries. His second term coincide with the acceleration of immunizations against cholera, smallpox and diphtheria. Smallpox was considered eliminated in the Philippines at about same time.

1st Term: June 1954 - June 1958 | 2nd Term: December 1965 - August 1968