DOH launches Botika ng Bayani for policemen and soldiers
As part of the Duterte Administration’s thrust to provide quality, affordable and accessible healthcare services for Filipinos, the Department of Health (DOH) launched, the Botika ng Bayani today, December 3 at the National Capital Regional Police Office, Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig City. 
The Botika ng Bayani is a variant of government-run pharmacies under the revitalized Botika ng Bayan Program of the DOH with the aim of reducing out-of-pocket expenditures for essential medicines which respond to major disease burden in the country.
“The DOH recognizes the service and heroism of our armed personnel in ensuring the security of our country. Hence, the Botika ng Bayani (F1+ BNBi) is hereby established that will provide quality essential medicines for our police and soldiers in partnership with the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP),” said Undersecretary Rolando Enrique Domingo.  
In behalf of Police Director Guillermo Eleazar, Police Chief Superintendent Amando Clifton Empiso, Deputy Regional Director for Administration, expressed appreciation and commendation to DOH on the medical assistance given to the country’s policemen and solders as part of the  nation’s goal of achieving  universal health care.  The DOH pledged to cover 180,000 policemen with their dependents in 22 heath service units nationwide with full pharmacy services and free essential medicines. 
The BNBi outlets are expected to provide maintenance medicines for hypertension, diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia as well as medicines for out-patient care such as antibiotics, antithrombotic, antacids, antiasthma, antiprotozoal, rehydration solution and  immunological.
Recognising the work hazards faced by armed personnel in responding to crimes, enforcing the law and safeguarding the security of the Filipino public, the DOH shall also provide pain medications, antibiotics and anaesthetics for surgery.
"By activating Botika ng Bayani outlets for our uniformed personnel, this will be the start of engaging all partners for a healthy Philippines by 2022. We, at the Department of Health will continue to safeguard the health of the Filipino people and will persistently vow to achieve a sustainable and responsive health system that responds to the changing health needs of our fellow Filipinos." Undersecretary Domingo concluded.