“An egg a day is okay!”
The Department of Health (DOH) and the National Nutrition Council in partnership with other government agencies and private egg groups, today join in the international celebration of World Egg Day via a fun run dubbed “Eatlog Run” at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City to be held tomorrow, October 13.
World Egg Day is celebrated every second Friday of October to help raise awareness on the benefits of eggs and their key role in human nutrition.

Eatlog Run aims to reinforce the message that eating an egg a day is good to help achieve the daily nutritional requirements, thus further strengthening the message that ‘an egg a day is okay.’ Eggs are an excellent source of choline that is essential in memory and brain development.  
The official publication of the British Cardiovascular Society, Heart, last year presented a study that showed remarkable outcomes of including one egg a day in one’s diet. The study concluded that doing so can help in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, including stroke.
Locally, a study by the Food & Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science & Technology entitled The Effects of Egg Consumption on Lipid Profile among selected 30-60 year-old Filipino Adults, which was posted in the Philippine Journal of Science, suggested that “eating one egg a day is unlikely to have substantial increase in blood lipid.” The study also recommended doing regular exercise, managing one’s weight, following dietary guidelines, and practicing other healthy lifestyle habits to prevent diseases.

The fun run is the third installment of the former race known as Eggciting Adventure Fun Run. Eatlog Run includes individual, family and group race categories – 500-m dash Inflatables for Kids, 3K Eggy Family, 5K Double Yolk Buddy, and 10K Scrambled Egg Singles Run. Other activities also consist of Zumba, Egg toast, and Egg Pledge.
“The DOH supports this initiative to promote the consumption of one egg daily as an important source of protein. We, Filipinos, certainly consider the egg as one of our favorite breakfast items, aside from it being a source of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for our good health,” Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III stated.
Part of the proceeds from the race will go to AFP Educational Benefit System Office, Save the Children, and Sagbayan Bohol Elementary School for the education of less fortunate children. The event is recognized by the International Egg Commission, a global organization that represents the egg industry. Other supporters of the event include the Philippine Egg Board Association, the Philippine Association of Breeders Layers, Inc., and private companies involved in the egg industry.