What does the term "donor deferral" mean?

Name of Office: National Voluntary Blood Services Program (NVBSP)

Individuals disqualified from donating blood are known as "deferred" donors. A prospective donor may be deferred at any point during the collection and testing process. Whether or not a person is deferred temporarily or permanently will depend on the specific reason for disqualification (e.g. a person may be deferred temporarily because of anemia, a condition that is usually reversible). If a person is to be deferred, his or her name is entered into a list of deferred donors maintained by the blood center, often known as the "deferral registry."If a deferred donor attempts to give blood before the end of the deferral period, the donor will nt be accepted for donation. Once the reason for the deferral no longer exists and the temporary deferral period has lapsed, the donor may return to the blood and be re-entered into the system.

Those who may be deferred include:

  •  Anyone who has ever used intravenous drugs (illegal IV drugs)
  • Men who have had sexual contact with other men
  •  Anyone who has ever received clotting factor concentrates
  • Anyone with a positive test for HIV (AIDS virus)
  • Men and woman who have engaged in sex for money or drugs
  •  Anyone who has had hepatitis
  • Anyone who has taken Tegison for psoriasis
  •  Anyone who has risk factors for vCJD