What do I need to prepare prior to application?
  •  Interested applicants should submit the following application requirements to Centers for Health Development (CHDs) in their respective regions

              a. Application letter addressed to:

                        Dr. Kenneth G. Ronquillo, MD, MPHM, CESO III

                        Director IV, HHRDB

             b. Curriculum Vitae

            c. Photocopy of valid PRC license

            d. Original NBI clearance

            e. Letter of application that includes applicant’s preference area of assignment based on the list of areas for assignment

  • Applications will undergo a standard documents review and applicants will be asked to appear in person for  an interview. Venues and schedules of interviews will be announced
  • Successful applicants should submit the following documentary requirements to CHD/HHRDB:

             a. Personal Data Sheet (PDS)

             b. Position Description Form (PDF)

            c. Photocopy of PRC Board Rating and PRC ID

            d. Notarized Statement of Assets and Liabilities

            e. Original NBI Clearance

            f. Medical Certificate

            g. Transcript of Records (TOR)

            h. Diploma

            i. Oath of Office

  • Additional requirements for hired RHMs:

           a. PhilHealth forms (M1a, M2 – whichever is applicable)

           b. BIR Forms (1902, 2305, 1905 – whichever is applicable)

           c. Pag-ibig Forms (FPF 020, FPF 400, FPF 110 – whichever is applicable)

          d. GSIS Form (MIS-05-02)

          e. Application for DOH ID Issuance: for request of DOH)

          f. Land Bank Savings Account No. through ATM

         g. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)