Epidemiology Bureau


A center of excellence in applied epidemiology and surveillance that promotes public health decisions guided by strategic information for best possible health outcomes


  1. We provide stakeholders with surveillance and epidemiologic information to prevent and control outbreaks and to improve health policies, programs and systems
  2. We develop competent health personnel to detect and respond to public health threats


General Functions

  • Develop and evaluate surveillance systems and other health information systems
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate reliable and timely information on the health status
  • Investigate disease outbreaks and other threats to public health
  • Network public health laboratories in support of epidemilogical and surveillance activities


1.Applied Epidemiology Health Management Division

Specific Functions

  • Investigate and respond to epidemics and other urgent public health threats as the need arises
  • Develop and maintain field epidemiology training programs for public health workers
  • Develop, capture, filter, verify, assess, respond, disseminate and evaluate event-based surveillance systems
  • Collect and maintain resource materials on epidemiology, surveillance, management and monitoring and evaluation in public health.

2. Public Health Surveillance Division

Specific Function

  • Undertake notifiable disease surveillance through Philippine Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response.

3. Survey, Monitoring & Evaluation Division

Specific Functions

  • Provide statistical services to priority health programs of the DOH
  • Monitoring non-behavioral risk factors priority non-communicable diseases through globally standardized survey
  • Monitor HIV and AIDS Registry and Integrated HIV Behavioral and Serologic Surveillance, size estimates and Most At-Risk Population
  • Provide program health indicators information

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Last Updated : September 5, 2017