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PhilHealth Benefit Package

Z-Benefits for Children with Hearing Impairment
Z-Benefit for Cochlear Implantation for Children


Integrated Orientation and Updates on RA 9709 and Category A Personnel Newborn Hearing Screening Certifying Course


Time bound intervention: 1-3-6 Approach Hearing screening within the 1st month- the right time to screen is on or after 24hrs and within 1st month of life Hearing evaluation within the 3rd month- follow-up testing must be done within 1-3 months and should include re-evaluation of both ears even if only one ear failed at initial screen. Early intervention by the 6th month- hearing aid fitting, hearing and behavioral rehabilitation must be recommended within 6-12 months
Approval and Certification of Newborn Hearing Screening Devices
Requirements and Certification of Screeners
Categories and Certification of Hearing Screening Centers