Financial Management Service

General Functions

  • Prepare and consolidate the budget of the Department.
  • Maintain the books of accounts
  • Collaborate and coordinate with various fiscal and regulatory government agencies in establishing budgeting and accounting systems and policies
  • Assist management in decision making with regards to financial matters.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on fund utilization against performance of outputs.
  • Review and appraise adequacy and compliance to internal control system


1. Budget Division

Specific Functions

  •  Handles budget cycle processes from budget preparation up to budget accountability.
  •  Process and control allotments and obligations.
  • Liaison work with the Department of Budget and Management for concerns on budget policies and budget reports.

2. Accounting Division

Specific Functions

  •  Processes and records financial transactions and ensures that such are in accordance with generally accepted accounting and auditing rules and regulations.
  • In charge of the implementation of the electronic NGAS (Engas)

3. Management Division

Specific Functions

  • In charge of reviewing policies, guidelines, methods, systems and processes pertaining to financial matters relative to improvement of internal control system.
  • Tasked to review and  analyze financial matrix and recommend necessary enhancement to financial reports

Last Updated: October 10, 2017