What is the legal basis to implement the AOP?

Name of Office: Bureau of Local Health Systems Development

  • UHC Act IRR prescribes that the DOH shall contract “province-wide and city-wide health systems..., through a legal instrument to ensure shared responsibilities and accountabilities among members of the health system for the delivery of population-based services including those that impact on the social determinants of health.
  • The Terms of Partnership (TOP)  is the legal instrument for contracting P/CWHS; it formalizes the agreement between the DOH Center for Health Development and the LGU on the implementation of the AOP for a particular year.
  • The TOP contains the outputs and performance milestones to be attained, roles and responsibilities of contracting parties, the amount of resources, whether financial or non-financial, that LGUs, DOH, development partners, and other institutions shall provide, and conditions and requirements pertaining to the release/provision of funds/resources for the implementation of the AOP.
  • The financial grants that will be provided by DOH to the P/CWHS, as stated in the TOP, will be transferred through the Special Health Fund.  PhilHealth payments will also accrue to the Special Health Fund, through a separate contractual agreement between PhilHealth and the P/CWHS.
  • Non-financial grants (e.g. HFEP, HRH, commodities, cap bldg.) are provided through the guidelines of relevant DOH offices.