What are the roles of the BHWs?

Name of Office: Bureau of Local Health Systems Development

BHWs may have different tasks depending on the agreement reached between community leaders. Notwithstanding the said agreement, the BHW shall continue discharging his/her duties and responsibilities as a community organizer, educator, and a primary health care service provider.

As a community organizer, he/she shall participate in organizing and mobilizing the community towards self-reliance. This includes maintaining regular communication and linking the community with the local leaders and the health professionals. They also assist the community from the identification of the health problems, the development of health plans and in taking action to promote their health and well-being.

As an educator, he/she shall provide updated and timely knowledge and skills to community members in the prevention and management of simple illnesses and in relevant health issues. They are also designated as barangay-level health promotion officers in accordance with the Health Promotion Framework Strategy and in support of the UHC Act.

As a health care service provider, he/she shall also assist health professionals in rendering *primary care services in the community for which he/she is trained. In addition, he/she shall health professionals by monitoring the health status of community members, keeping records of health activities and ensuring maintenance of barangay health centers/ stations including safe custody of equipment, supplies and health records.

*Primary care refers to initial-contact, accessible, continuous, comprehensive and coordinated care that is accessible at the time of need including a range of services for all presenting conditions, and the ability to coordinate referrals to other health care providers in the health care delivery system, when necessary.

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