What will be done to polluting industries?

A fine of not more than P100,000 for every day of violation shall be charged against the owner of a stationary source, until such time that standards have been met.

   For gross violation, the penalty is imprisonment of not less than six years but not more than 10 years upon the discretion of the court. At the same time, the Pollution Adjudication Board (PAB) could close the firm through the issuance of a Cease and Desist Order.

  There is gross violation of the law or its rules when any of the following occurs:

1.       Three or more specific offenses within a period of one year.

2.       Three or more offenses within three consecutive years.

3.       Blatant disregard of the orders of the PAB, such as, but not limited to the breaking of seals, padlocks and other similar devices, or operating despite the existence of an order for closure, discontinuance or cessation of operation.

4.       Irreparable or grave damage to the environment as a consequence of any violation or omission of the provisions of the Act or its IRR.


Lifted from:

Department of Environment and Natural Resources. (2003, August). Primer on the Clean Air Act. Diliman: DENR-Public Affairs Office.