What do these four (4) time-bound interventions do to the newborn?

Name of Office: NCDPC

1. Immediate and thorough drying of the newborn prevents hypothermia which is extremely important to newborn survival

2. Keeping the mother and baby in uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact prevents hypothermia, hypoglycemia and sepsis, increases colonization with protective bacterial flora and improved breastfeeding initiation and exclusivity

3. Properly timed cord clamping and cutting until the umbilical cord pulsation stops decreases anemia in one out of every seven term babies and one out of every three preterm babies. It also prevents brain (intraventricular) hemorrhage in one of two preterm babies.

4. Breastfeeding initiation within the first hour of life prevents an estimated 19.1% of all neonatal deaths.