What can you do to help clean the air?

For vehicle owners/motorist:

  • Maintain your vehicle by changing oil regularly (every 5,000 kilometers).
  • Keep the engine well-tuned following the owner’s manual.
  • Keep tires properly inflated.
  • Plan trips and observe proper driving habits.
  • Remove unnecessary things from the trunk. Don’t overload and travel only at speed required by traffic regulations and road conditions.

For commuters:

  • Try talking to the jeep/bus/tricycle driver about the high health risks of poor vehicle maintenance and improper driving practices.
  • Patronize mass railway transit (i.e., MRT, LRT)

For office workers:

  • Reduce use of air conditioning and ensure that rooms are sealed.
  • Make sure that lights are energy-efficient.
  • Use company vehicles wisely and make sure that they are well-maintained.
  • Use natural lighting by opening window curtains at daytime.

At home:

  • Use low watt bulbs or energy-saving lights.
  • Limit the use of air conditioning units and keep the temperature a few degrees higher.
  • Don’t burn garbage.
  • Avoid using aerosols.
  • Properly dispose of refrigerant, refrigeration equipment, and used coolant.

For everyone:

  • Talk to people on what they can do about air pollution.
  • Report smoke-belchers to LTO, MMDA, and/or the appropriate local government units.
  • Walk or ride your bike to places.
  • Take the bus or mass rail transit whenever you can.
  • Work with residential associations to stop burning of garbage.
  • Plant trees.
  • Spread the word about the ban on smoking in public places.


Lifted from:

Department of Environment and Natural Resources. (2003, August). Primer on the Clean Air Act. Diliman: DENR-Public Affairs Office.