What are the requirements to avail the 20% discount in the purchase of medicines for personal use of the Senior Citizen?

Name of Office: Food & Drug Administration

A: Requirements to avail of the 20% discount in the purchase of medicines for personal use are:

  • Present the national identification (ID) card and your purchase slip booklet duly approved by the OSCA chairman.
  • Doctor's prescription pad should have the following information:
  1. Patient name, age, address, and date
  2. Generic name of the medicine prescribed
  3. Name and address of the doctor; his PTR number and S2 license (if prohibited and regulated drug)
  • Those who cannot afford the consultation fee of a private doctor can consult at their nearest health center or government hospital and get a prescription free of charge.
  • Any single dispensing should not be more than one week's supply. However, when drugs are for chronic conditions requiring continuous use for more than a month, such as hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, TB, cancer, psychosis, a maximum of one month's supply may be dispensed at a time.
  • The following should be recorded in a special record Book for Senior Citizens Discount provided under RA 7432:
  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. National ID number of Senior Citizen
  4. Generic Name of the drug/medicine
  5. Number of units dispensed