What are the present strategies of the PPMP?

Name of Office: POPCOM

To attain its objectives, the following are the strategies of the Program:

  • Work for universal access (accessibility, availability, and affordability) of all medically, ethically, and legally approved family planning methods and services to help couples/parents plan their families;
  • Promotion of male participation/involvement in Responsible Parenting and Family Planning (RP-FP) within the context of gender equality and equity;
  • Continue to utilize community organization and participatory strategies (Responsible Parenting Movement, community-based volunteers) to sustain/broaden acceptance of responsible parenting as a social norm;
  • Provide age-appropriate and values-laden human sexuality education for the youth thru the formal and non-formal educational systems and equip/educate parents with appropriate skills and information on adolescent health and human sexuality concerns;
  • Intensify/sustain communication, education, and advocacy campaign for population management and RP/FP programs by broadening alliances and strengthening networks with Program stakeholders; LGUs, NGOs, business community, academe, media and faith-based organizations, among others;
  • Conduct scientific population and related researches/studies and strengthen data & information management for policy, plan, and program development; and • Advocate for increased investment on the population management program by the national government and LGUs through legislative agenda and budgetary support.