How does the LGU Scorecard work?


The achievements are benchmarked against external and internal targets. PWHS External Benchmark results (2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009) – comparing results with 2006 baseline and 2010 targets. This will help the LGUs and stakeholders benchmark their performance with the average performance of all provinces in the Philippines in 2006 and with the international and national standards External benchmarks determine how close a provincial health system is to the national targets as well as how it compares to the progress of other provinces based on 2006 baseline values. Internal benchmark on the other hand, determines whether or not a province’s performance is improving. Both benchmarks make recommendations on where a province needs to take action. The LGU Scorecards assigns corresponding colors to the level of performance of a participating province. Green color means excellent and the PWHS performance is equal or higher than 2010 target. Yellow means good and the PWHS performance is equal to or higher than 2006 baseline values but lower than 2010 national targets. Red color means fair and the PWHS performance is lower than the 2006 baseline.