How can the Law and its IRR make medicines more accessible & affordable to Filipinos?

The Law and its IRR intend to make medicines more accessible & affordable to Filipinos by enforcing provisions that improve market competition, availability, contain costs, improve healthcare provider and consumers behaviour, and when instances so require, even regulate prices. 

a. Interventions to Improve Competition:

        i.     Parallel Importation of patented Medicines

       ii.     Required Production of Generic Drugs

       iii.    Promotion of quality generic drugs

       iv.    Enforcement of the Early working Provision for patented medicines.

b.  Interventions to Improve Availability:

        i.   Compulsory Licensing for patented Medicines
       ii.   Special Compulsory Licensing for patented Medicines

       iii.  Government Use of Patented Medicines

       iv.  Mandatory Carry for patented parallel imports

       v.   Non-traditional outlets like Convenience Stores and supermarkets allowed to sell Over-the-Counter drugs

c. Cost containment Measures:

        i. PhilHealth Reimbursements

        ii. Government Pooled Procurement

       iii. Consignment

d. Interventions to improve Professional behavior to serve the needs of the poor and vulnerable:

          i. Generics only prescribing in government facilities and by government health workers

          ii. Required use of generic terminology in all transactions including precribing for health workers and reimbursing for PHIC

e. Interventions to regulate prices    

           i. Imposition of Maximum Retail Prices

          ii. Drug Price Monitoring by the Government