Functional ILHZ?

Name of Office: Bureau of Local Health Development

There are 3 domains of benefits in a functional ILHZ:

Domain I: coordination for maximum improvement of population health

  • Every pregnancy in the ILHZ is planned, supported & adequately managed throughout its course
  • Every delivery is facility based and managed by skilled birth attendants
  • Every child has access to and utilizes the recommended package of child survival interventions
  • Infectious disease is controlled and endemic diseases are controlled/eliminated in the ILHZ
  • Infectious due to poor sanitation and unsafe water are prevented
  • Community members in the ILHZ practice healthy lifestyle

Domain II: coordination for continuity of care to individual patients

  • Access to an adequate primary medical care service through outlets linked to an organized quality assurance system, referral and technical support
  • Access to secondary care linked with the primary level of care and to at least one source of tertiary care
  • Access to essential drugs from outlets that meet the regulatory standards and promote rational drug use
  • Mechanism that tracks and monitors all patients across service delivery points (SDPs) in the ILHZ

Domain III: coordination to manage and minimize total costs of full range of health provisions

  • ILHZ planning helped member LGUs achieve their goals and targets and improve their performance
  • Complete accurate and timely health information helped member LGUs achieve goals and targets and improved performance disseminated and utilized ILHZ-wide
  • Epidemic is promptly detected and effectively managed within the ILHZ 
  • Hazard, disaster or any emergency is effectively managed and contained in the ILHZ
  • Functional management arrangements increase ILHZ-wide performance and reduce variability of performance among member LGUs