Background of the CHD Scorecard

Name of Office: Bureau of Local Health Development

             The Center for Health Development (CHD) Scorecard is an instrument of Health Sector Reform Agenda implementations that monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and equity (ME3) of the health system. The CHD Scorecard is used by the department to measure the performance of all CHDs in terms of institution capacity building (structures, processes and personnel) and in providing assistance to the LGUs (public, private health providers and agencies), the province-wide and the regional health system.

            Pursuant to Administrative Order No. 2009-0007, otherwise known as “Implementing Guidelines for the CHD Scorecard”, all CHDs shall conduct a self assessment of their performance annually and submit the individual scorecard result to the Field Implementation Management Office. The 2008 CHD scorecard report has been disseminated in December 2009 during the ME3 conference. However, validation of the CHD self-assessment result was requested by the CHD Directors.

            This year, another consultative meeting among the CHD technical staff has been conducted. During the consultative meeting it has been agreed that the indicator on “consumer arbitration” (300 points) shall be omitted, hence leaving the 2008 national average to a total score of 916 points whereas the 2010 target will be 1,308 points.

            Subsequently, Department Memorandum No. 2010-0125 has been issued to respond to the need for validation of the CHD self-assessment results. The memorandum also includes the Means of Verification (MOV) used in the validation of the 2009 CHD Scorecard Assessment Results. Ten (10) indicators were randomly selected out of the seventeen (17) indicators of the CHD Scorecard Assessment Tool.