He graduated Valedictorian in his UP Medicine Class 1937 and topped the Medical Board Examination in 1937. He trained in Thoracic Surgery and was in-charge of the surgical ward of the Philippine General Hospital during the war. He was head of the Department of Surgery of the Quezon Institute and was Director of the Institute in June 1973. He was initiating the organization of the Lung Center before he was appointed Minister of Health.

During his term the National TB control Program was accelerated and malaria control measures were intensified. Programs to improve manpower development and upgrade residency training were also introduced. Immunization began to be provided on a year-round basis instead of only6 bi-annually. Praziquantel, a new drug, provided a breakthrough in the treatment and possible eradication of schistosomiasis. During his term the POP IIBRD loan project ended and the POPII loan project started. The POP II was funded from a loan from the International Development Association and involved civil works, logistics, IEC and activities in family planning, health and nutrition. The Control of Diarrheal Diseases (CDD) program was launched in 1980.

Minister E. M. Garcia became ill during his term and died soon after his official retirement.