Press Release | 14 August 2020

The Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), and the Games and Amusements Board (GAB) clarified concerns pertaining to the resumption of health-enhancing physical activities and sports.


On July 27, 2020, DOH, PSC, and GAB issued a Joint Administrative Order No. 2020-0001 entitled, “Guidelines on the Conduct of Health-enhancing Physical Activities and Sports during the COVID-19 Pandemic”, which provides guidance for the conduct of physical activities, exercise, and sports during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Pursuant to the JAO, health-enhancing physical activities and sports under the jurisdiction of PSC and GAB may be allowed subject to the observance of the minimum public health standards. The general public may be allowed to conduct activities and exercise to promote physical health and resilience subject to the allowable threshold of the said JAO.


On the other hand, professional leagues are encouraged to develop their health safety protocols and guidelines on the resumption of training and activities during the COVID-19 pandemic in conformity with provisions of the PSC-GAB-DOH JAO and other GAB requirements.


In the resumption of these activities, the department assures that DOH, GAB, and PSC will continuously update the Joint Administrative Order and other applicable issuances based on emerging evidence and best practices and as such, will be open to provide technical assistance to sports associations in reviewing their health and safety protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals for the duration of the COVID-19 health event.