Bureau of Quarantine

General Functions

a. Formulates and enforces quarantine laws and regulations

b. Conducts surveillance and institutes measures to prevent the entry of diseases subject to International Health Regulations and other emerging and re-emerging diseases and health concerns from other countries that may impact on public health in the Philippines.

c. Provides technical assistance and supervision, consultative and advisory services on health and sanitation programs and activities in international ports and airports and their immediate environs.

d. Conducts medical examination on aliens and foreign based Filipinos for immigration purposes.

e. Advises the Secretary and the Undersecretary of Health on matters pertaining to international health regulations and international health surveillance.

1. International Health Surveillance Division

Specific Functions

a. Provides maximum security against the introduction and spread of diseases subject to the International Health Regulation (IHR) with minimum interference to traffic and trade.

b. Develops an integrated approach for a more effective international health surveillance networks.

c. Develops communication methods for wider and more effective delivery of critical public health information with international importance.

2. Special Services Division

Specific Functions

a. Provides immunization laboratory services to travelers subject to the International Health Regulation (IHR)

b. Conducts health education seminars for stewards, food handlers and other clientele

c. Performs medical examination of foreigners admitted into the country

3. Port and Airport Health Services Division

Specific Functions

a. Promotes and supervises sanitation in ports and airports of entry to include the environs, eating establishment and catering points

b. Conducts operations for mosquito-and-arthropod-borne diseases subject to the IHR.

c. Manages carriers or vessels with rodent infestation

4. Administrative Division

a.Provides general administrative and logistics support services such as personnel, finance, communication, documentation, security and facility operation and maintenance services.