Chemical / Toxicology

Are there treatment/medications for chemical poisoning?

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Yes, there are treatment/ medications for chemical poisoning, you need to consult with chemical toxicologists in the poison centers.


How can I be exposed to chemicals?

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Exposure to chemicals maybe through the environment (air, water, soil, food) and/or occupational.


What are the health effects of chemicals?

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There are various effects of chemicals depending on the dose, duration of exposure and vulnerability of the individuals. It may effect the different organ systems such as the central nervous system, neurological, effects on the liver and the kidneys, reproductive system among others.



Chemical-Toxicology Contact Persons

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What are the most common chemicals?

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Most common chemicals are those used in households, personal care and consumer products; those used in agriculture and industry.


What are the signs or symptoms of chemical poisoning?

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Signs and symptoms for acute chemical poisoning of chemicals may be non-specific and may manifest as headaches, nauseas, vomiting, dizziness, irritation of the skins, eyes, mucous membrane.