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What are the Accredited Drug Testing Laboratory?

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What may be done to someone who tested positive (in screening & confirmatory tests) for a dangerous drug like Shabu or Marijuana

It is well to advise him/her to undergo Drug Dependency Examination (DDE) to be conducted by a physician preferably accredited by the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) or Department of Health (DOH) to diagnose and manage drug dependents.  If diagnosed to be a drug dependent, he/she deserves to undergo treatment and rehabilitation.  For the purpose of treatment and rehabilitation under BOluntary Submission Program, the law requires that DDE be don by a DOH-accredited physician (pursuant to Sec. 54, Art. VIII of R.A. 9165 otherwise known as the "Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002") or by DDB-accredited physician (pursuant to Sec. 20 of DDB Board Regulation No. 4, series of 2003, titled "Implementing Rules and Regulations Governing Accreditation of Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers and Accreditation of Center Personnel").It is to be noted that under existing rules and regulations, an applicant for driver's license who tested positive (in screening and confirmatory tests) for any dangerous drug can legitimately undergo another drug test after a period of six (6) months for the purpose of securing a driver's license, etc.