What does each area of assessment mean?

  1. Institution and capacity building
    • Database
      • This section reviews if the CHD has an efficient database on the performance of province-wide health systems (PWHS) in the region that helps the CHD provide effective assistance on SERVICE DELIVERY to PWHS.
    • Personnel Training
      • This section reviews the adequacy of CHD personnel training.
    • Policy Dissemination and Advocacy
      • This section reviews if the CHD effectively advocates F1 policies to all relevant stakeholders. This will check if the CHDs have policies/standards and protocols for policy dissemination and advocacy within the region. Further, this will determine whether the policy dissemination and advocacy has been done for F1 and specific F1 policies of PPAs.
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
      • Reviews if the CHD has an effective and systematic monitoring and evaluation system that helps the CHDs (and local health systems) detect operational problems that the CHD needs to address.
  2. Technical Assistance to LGUs and Regional Health System
    • Technical Assistance
      • Reviews the performance of the CHDs in providing technical assistance to local health systems.
    • Leveraging Performance
      • Reviews the effectivity of CHD systems in improving performance of local health systems with augmentation logistics, grants and other resources for the poor and other populations in the region.
    • Management Systems
      • Reviews structures set up by the CHD to build institutional capacity for technical assistance to PWHS.