14. I am part-time employee who is reporting to two (2) facilities, how much is my OCA? | Ako ay isang part-time employee na nagtatrabaho sa dalawang (2) facilities, magkano ang aking magiging OCA?

The OCA of personnel hired on a part-time basis in one or more health facilities involved in COVID-19 response shall be in direct proportion to the services rendered, provided that the total OCA received from all sources shall not exceed PhP 9,000.00 for high risk, PhP 6,000 for medium risk, and PhP 3,000 for low risk. Otherwise, that will be considered as DOUBLE COMPENSATION or UNJUST ENRICHMENT, with corresponding sanctions. The higher risk classification of the healthcare worker among all the health facility he/she is affiliatedd with shall prevail and serve as basis for computation. Included in the function of the CHDs in Section VI.B.4 is the evaluation, validation and certification of the submitted claims for the grant of the OCA to eligible HCWs and non-HCWs assigned in health facilities involved in COVID-19 response.

On the other hand, in the case of different risk classifications, the highest compensation shall serve as the maximum limit.


Nakabatay ang OCA sa serbisyong gagampanan ng hired personnel na naka-part time sa higit isang facility basta hindi ito lalampas sa Php 9,000, kung high risk; Php 6,000, kung moderate risk; at Php 3,000 kung low risk. Kung hindi, ito ay maituturing na DOUBLE COMPENSATION o UNJUST ENRICHMENT, at magkakaroon ito ng karampatang parusa. Ang mas mataas na risk classification ng healthcare worker ang susundin at magiging batayan ng kanyang benepisyo. Kinakailangan ang evaluation, validation, at certification ng pagsusumite ng grant ng OCA para sa mga eligible HCW at non-HCWs na nakatalaga sa mga facility na tumutugon sa COVID-19 batay sa Section VI.B4 ng CHDs.

Sa kabilang banda, kung magkakaiba ang risk classifications, ang may pinakamataas na konpensasyon o rate ang magsisilbing limit