1. Who are HCWs and non-HCWs? | Sino ang mga HCWs at mga non-HCWs?

Refer to personnel assigned in all health facilities involved in COVID-19 response in line with the National Action Plan COVID-19 strategy of Prevention, Detection, Isolation, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Vaccination (PDITR+) strategy. HCWs comprise medical and health allied personnel who provide direct health care, whereas, non-HCWs provide technical, administrative and support care within the health facilities.

Sila ay ang mga personnel na nakatalaga sa mga health facility na tumutugon sa COVID-19 na may kaugnayan sa National Action Plan COVID-10 stategy na Prevention, Detection, Isolation, Treatment, and Vaccination (PDITR+). Ang mga HCW ang mga medical at health allied personnel na direktang nagbibigay ng pangkalusugang pangangalaga sa mga pasyente habang ang mga non-HCW naman ay nagbibigay ng technical, administrative, at support care sa mga health facility.