What are some of the healthy habits we can adopt for stronger health and immunity against COVID-19?

  1. Elimination or reduction of tobacco use and exposure shall be strongly and proactively encouraged and effectively sustained. The following guidelines of Department Memorandum No. 2020-0246 also known as “Interim Guidelines on Tobacco Control in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic” are reiterated:
  • Cessation of all forms of tobacco and electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) use shall be strongly and proactively encouraged and effectively sustained through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and continued provision of tobacco cessation programs.
  • LGUs and other government agencies shall continue to prohibit the use of tobacco and vape in public spaces, and ensure that all related policies and local ordinances are properly enforced and monitored by the respective persons-in-authority and their agents
  • Information dissemination on the harmful effects of tobacco and vapor products shall be continued, including the relationship between these products and COVID-19.