Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Medicines Access Program (ALLMAP)

Where can we access medicines for this program?

The Department of Health (DOH) through its Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) Medicines Access Program (MAP) will provide target ALL patients’ ready access to anti- cancer medicines as well as promote early screening and ALL awareness to Filipinos emphasizing that detecting, treating, and managing cancer in the early stages improves the overall prognosis and survival rates of patients.

List of Hospitals to access medicines for this program:

- Philippine Children Medical Center

- Batangas Regional Hospital

- Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center

- Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center

- Davao Regional Hospital

- East Avenue Medical Center

- Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center

- Ilocos Training Regional Medical Center

- National Children’s Hospital

- Northern Mindanao Medical Center

- Southern Philippines Medical Center

- Western Visayas Medical Center

- Zamboanga City Medical Center

- Philippine General Hospital

Extension Sites:

- Ospital ng Makati

- University of Sto Tomas Hospital

- Silliman University Medical Center

- St. Elizabeth Hospital

- Tarlac Public Hospital