Rural Health Midwives Placement Program (RHMPP)

How can I apply to be a Rural Health Midwife (RHM) under the RHMPP?

· A qualified applicant may apply directly to the CHD and submit their application requirements for review.

· Qualified applicants who have complete documents will be scheduled for interview in the CHD.


How can I be qualified to be a Rural Health Midwife under the RHMPP?

a. Licensed midwife.

b. Bonafide Filipino citizen.

c. Physically and mentally fit.

d. Certified to be of good moral character.

e. Willing to work in depressed and hard to reach areas for two (2) years.

f. Interested in community health.

g. Not more than 50 years old.


How can the LGU avail of the program?

The Center for Health Development (CHDs), through the Human Resource Development Unit (HRDU) shall submit to the HHRDB a list of areas qualified to be recipients of Rural Health Midwives. This shall be supported with the written request in the form of a resolution passed by the Local Health Board and the Sanguniang Bayan approved by the Local Chief Executive.

What are the recent updates on the Rural Health Midwives Program of the Philippines (RHMPP)?

The DOH-HHRDB, in partnership with the CHDs and Local Government Units (LGUs) have hired 175 Rural Health Midwives for 2010-2012 serving the identified priority areas, in coordination with the DSWD CCT areas.

There are 27 scholars under the Midwifery Scholarship Program of the Philippines (MSPP) who were deployed to DOH identified priority areas for “Return Service).


What do I need to prepare prior to application?

  •  Interested applicants should submit the following application requirements to Centers for Health Development (CHDs) in their respective regions

              a. Application letter addressed to:

                        Dr. Kenneth G. Ronquillo, MD, MPHM, CESO III

                        Director IV, HHRDB

             b. Curriculum Vitae

            c. Photocopy of valid PRC license

            d. Original NBI clearance

            e. Letter of application that includes applicant’s preference area of assignment based on the list of areas for assignment

  • Applications will undergo a standard documents review and applicants will be asked to appear in person for  an interview. Venues and schedules of interviews will be announced
  • Successful applicants should submit the following documentary requirements to CHD/HHRDB:

             a. Personal Data Sheet (PDS)

             b. Position Description Form (PDF)

            c. Photocopy of PRC Board Rating and PRC ID

            d. Notarized Statement of Assets and Liabilities

            e. Original NBI Clearance

            f. Medical Certificate

            g. Transcript of Records (TOR)

            h. Diploma

            i. Oath of Office

  • Additional requirements for hired RHMs:

           a. PhilHealth forms (M1a, M2 – whichever is applicable)

           b. BIR Forms (1902, 2305, 1905 – whichever is applicable)

           c. Pag-ibig Forms (FPF 020, FPF 400, FPF 110 – whichever is applicable)

          d. GSIS Form (MIS-05-02)

          e. Application for DOH ID Issuance: for request of DOH)

          f. Land Bank Savings Account No. through ATM

         g. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

What is duration of service under the Program?

Successful applicants /hired RHMs will be deployed to DOH identified priority area for a period of two (2) years.

What is the Rural Health Midwives Placement Program (RHMPP)?

The Rural Health Team Placement Program (RHTPP) recruits allied health professionals to complement the existing workforce of the Rural Health Units (RHUs) and allows them to work as team. The Rural Health Midwives deployed under the Rural Health Team Placement Program (RHTPP), specifically, aims to ensure safe motherhood and newborn care, with the objectives of reducing maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality. The RHMs deployed to serve poor performing and hard-to-reach communities work hand in hand with different healthcare professionals under RHTPP such as dentists, nutritionists, medical technologists and other healthcare professional to improve the holistic health of each and every Filipino in the country.

What will be the benefits of Rural Health Midwife under the RHMPP?

The RHM shall receive the following:

a. Receive a salary equivalent of salary grade 11 (P 17,099.00).

b. Representation allowance.

c. Magna Carta for Health Workers.

d. Continuing Professional Education.


When did the program start?

The Department of Health Executive Committee approved the DOH Resolution No. 112-232 series 2007 to implement/ adopt both the Deployment Program and the Rural Health Midwife (RHM) Scholarship Program on February 11, 2008.

Where can we inquire or gather more information regarding the Midwifery Scholarship Program?

You may contact the MSPP secretariat at 743-1776 or visit the Department of Health- HHRDB,

2nd Floor, Bldg 12-A, San Lazaro Compound

Sta. Cruz, Manila

Contact Persons:

Dr. Josephine H. Hipolito

Ms. Winselle Joy C. Manalo