How to spot false claims?

Name of Office: Food & Drug Administration

A: Typical fraudulent health claims will use the following promotional techniques to fool their customers:

  • The product is advertised as a quick and effective cure-all for a wide range of illness.
  • Certain key words like "scientific breakthrough, miracle cure, all natural without side-effects or ancient remedy" are used.
  • The promote claims that medical professionals and scientists have conspired to suppress the product.
  • Adverts contain undocumented, anecdotal cases, but with amazing results. No science involved.
  • These products sell falls hope for extreme physical attractiveness and shortcuts to weight loss. They will never emphasize the value of healthy lifestyles, like avoiding smoking, excess drinking of alcohol, eating appropriately, adequate rest and sleep, and regular exercise.
  • Remember that legitimate health supplement products will never carry claims for quick cures; claims such as cancer prevention, good for arthritis, good for diabetes or good for hypertension, should be high suspect.
  • The product is advertised as available from only one source.
  • There is a money-back guarantee promise.