Is SSRS Certificate issued by the COBAC be accepted as form of eligibility document in biddings conducted in retained hospitals and CHDs?

Name of Office: COBAC

Yes. The SSRS Certificate issued by the COBAC so long as it is valid, should be accepted as submission in lieu of the eligibility documents. This was provided for in Administrative Order No. 138 s. 2004.


It is specifically stated that once a bidder is not able to comply with the Net Financial Contracting Capacity (NFCC), he is automatically disqualified. For purposes of qualification, can the bidder substitute his NFCC with a credit line certificate?

Name of Office: COBAC

The bidder has the option to submit his NFCC, a credit line certificate, or a cash deposit certificate as part of his eligibility documents. But if he opts to present his NFCC and his NFCC is found to be incomplete during the eligibility check, he cannot subsequently substitue the same with a credit line certificate or cash deposit certificate to qualify.


Where shall the amount of bid security be based?

Name of Office: COBAC

The amount of bid security shall be based on the ABC and not on the bid price. In case when a certain package contains numerous items and ABC for specific lot(s)/item(s) is determined, the bid security shall be computed based on the ABC of the lot(s)/item(s) they are bidding for.