Administrative Service - Personnel Administration Division - E-JOBS

Can I apply online?

YES but limited to vacancies in the DOH offices and hospitals only.  The names and some basic information about the applicant can be sent through this facility.  The applicant still has to accomplish the Personal Data Sheet (downloadable) and submit this together with other required documents to the DOH office and/or hospital where the vacancy is.

If the vacancy is in private facility or in Local Government Unit, the applicant has to get in touch with the Contact Person of the agency/office. No data can be submitted online.


I would like to know if there are vacancies in the DOH?

On the Left Navigation of the DOH Website (, click on E-JOBS. This will lead you Ejobs for Health or to the web address of

What is E-jobs for Health?

It is an online posting for vacancies in health and health related facilities including offices within the DOH Central Office. Click on the Applicant button and the available jobs appear. Information that are provided in the list of vacancies include the name of agency and its address, position title, monthly salary, required documents  and the person to be contacted for more details regarding the job.