Health Care Waste Management (HCWM)

What are the established government policies healthcare facilities need to comply?

Name of Office: NCDPC

DENR - Healthcare facilities shall be registered as waste generators and shall be issued waste generator's ID. Appoint or designate Pollution Control Office (PCO).

DOH - As licensing requirements form BHFS, healthcare facilities are require submitting Healthcare Waste Management Plan, having an established Healthcare Waste Management Committee, and appoint/designate Waste management Office (WMO).


What is the coverage of the DOH Healthcare Waste Management Program?

Name of Office: NCDPC

Government and Private hospitals, clinics, infirmaries and other healthcare facilities being licensed by the Bureau of Health Facilities and Services (BHFS) are included in this program. The program coverage starts from waste generation, segregation, collection, transport, storage, treatment and up to final disposal.


Where to find the services of HCW Treatment Facilities?

Name of Office: NCDPC

There are limited numbers of HCW treatment facilities in the country and mostly they are located in NCR and Region 4A. To cite some of them: Chevalier Enviro Services Inc. in Parañaque City, MM; Integrated Waste Management Inc. in Mandaluyong City and Cavite; Cleanway Corporation in Cavite, Safewaste Inc. in Pampanga; Pollution Abatement Specialist, Inc. (PASI) one in Cebu City; and one in Mindanao.


Who is responsible in monitoring compliance to HCWM standards?

Name of Office: NCDPC

The DENR and DOH are the responsible agencies in monitoring compliance of healthcare facilities to the mandated policies in HCWM. The DOH is responsible for on-site activities while the DENR is responsible for off-site activities related to HCWM. The DOH can be represented by a composite team that include representative/s from BHFS, NCHFD, NCDPC, BHDT & NRL, and CHDs.


Whose office in the DOH has the mandate over HCWM program?

Name of Office: NCDPC

The National Center for Health Facilities Development (NCHFD) having the mandate over hospital operations is the office in-charge of the Healthcare Waste Management Program in the DOH. The National Center for Disease Prevention and Control (NCDPC) provide the best possible technical assistance upon request by NCHFD.



HCWM Contact Persons

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