Electronic Essential Drug Price Monitoring System (e-EDPMS)

What is e-EDPMS?

The e-EDPMS refers to Electronic Essential Drug Price Monitoring System which was created by the DOH to support the establishment of an efficient and effective system and procedures for collecting price and inventories of essential drugs and other drugs stated in RA 9502.

The intent is for the DOH and DTI to monitor essential drug prices as well as stocks of medicines in the local market and detect practices such as overpricing and non-compliance to efforts of the DOH to regulate excessive price of drugs such as the GMAP & the MDRP. It also aims to educate consumers on prevailing market prices of essential drugs to enable them to make informed choices.


What is the e-EDPMS website?

Where does the data sourced from?

  • Drug establishment
  • Drug outlets
  • Government procuring entities