DOH Website - KMITS

How to register with the website?

After proper identification of said personnel, please coordinate registration with the web unit of KMITS.

What to do if you want to post, maintain content/articles to the website?

Please contact the web team of the Knowledge Management Division - KMITS for proper coordination/approval (see contact details at the back).

Whats new with the DOH website?

The new interactive website of the Department of Health enables an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of their own content. It also allows for a real-time uploading of content and a dynamic hosting of databases. Its collaborative authoring environ provides for file/attachment uploads and downloads, online forums, peer-to-peer networking, newsletters, podcasting, pictures galleries, and other modules easily installed and enabled. Further, its variety of features may be enabled to cater to interactions among health personnel and/or wit the public. This, above all, will foster a close tie with the public through accessible and updated health information, the contents/data being easily published and public documents posted and made readily available. Public interaction may also be possible through web-based forums, comments, and other modes of online interaction. Useful and important Features: Content publishing - allows for authorship/ownership of content with file uploads and downloads features. Content syndication (RSS) and News Aggregator - built-in news aggregator for subscribing, reading and blogging news, feeds and articles from other sites from the comfort of one's desktop. Statistics, tracking and Analysis - generation of browser-based reports with information about site visits, referrals, content popularity and how visitors navigate your site. Logging and Reporting - all important activities and system events are captured in an event log to be reviewed by an administrator at a later time. Friendly web based data administration - administrators and users per office/program may be assigned to ensure content collection, uploading and availability, security using the web browser, making it possible to be accessed and managed anywhere with an internet connection requiring no additional software to be installed on your computer. Discussion forums - may be enabled to allow for interactive, threaded discussions of important topics/issues, among DOH personnel and/or with the public. Threaded comments comments on particular articles or stories may be posted and viewable to the author for feedback; or may be enabled to the public to allow discussion on published issues; comments are hierarchical as in a newsgroup or forum.

Why register with the DOH website?

Pending due order and proper notifications, certain personnel of DOH offices and programs will be designated as operators and content managers that will be responsible for uploading duly-approved contents. Identification, registration and approval of these managers and users by both IMS and requesting office/program will be required to ensure proper permissions and security of information.