Depot-Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (DMPA) or Injectables

Are injectables harmful to health since women who use them cease to menstruate?

Name of Office: FHO, NCDPC

There are no ill effects arising from the cessation of menstruation as a result of injectable.


Do injectables cause abortion?

Name of Office: NCDPC

 Injectable prevent ovulation. If there is no ovulation, no egg is released, and no fertilization takes place.  If there is no fertilization, there can be no pregnancy.  And abortion cannot occur without pregnancy.


Do injectables cause cancer?

Name of Office: NCDPC

No. Studies show that injectable does not increase the risk of ovarian and cervical cancers. In fact, injectable are associated with less chance of cancer of the lining of the uterus. International clinical studies find that there is a very small increased risk of breast cancer just after a woman begins using injectable, but there is no overall risk with long-term use.


Do injectables cause permanent infertility?

Name of Office: NCDPC

No. Studies show that, on the average, women get pregnant 9 to 10 months after their last injection of DMPA, or 1 to 2 months after their last injection of the CIC.


Do injectables result in decrease in libido?

Name of Office: NCDPC

Injectable can sometimes slightly reduce woman’s libido.  On the other hand, the sense of security against the risk of pregnancy may remove her fears and inhibitions and therefore enhances relationships.


If a woman gets pregnant while using injectables, will it harm the baby?

Name of Office: NCDPC

No. Pregnancy during injectable use is very rare. In the rare event that a woman becomes pregnant while using injectable, there is no harm to the baby because the hormones in injectable are the same that women produce during pregnancy.


Is my menstrual blood stored inside my uterus when I use injectables?

Name of Office: NCDPC

No. Menstrual blood is not stored inside the uterus while using injectable. Though it is common for women using DMPA to stop having their periods for a long time, this is not harmful.



What is an injectable?

Name of Office: NCDPC

The injectable is a modern, temporary and highly effective method of family planning. A woman can get pregnant again once the effects of the injectable wear off. It is injected into the upper arm or buttocks of the woman to prevent pregnancy.

The injectable prevents the meeting of the egg of the woman and the sperm of the man. It works by preventing the release of a mature egg from the ovary. It also thickens the cervical mucus in the neck (top) of the uterus, making it difficult for the sperm to pass through. So sperm and egg cannot unite and no pregnancy occurs. Using injectable facilitates early diagnosis and treatment of health problems because the woman regularly goes to a health provider for her injections and checkup.


Will I experience nausea or vomiting if I use injectables?

Name of Office: NCDPC

No. It is uncommon for a woman who is using injectable to experience nausea or vomiting.