How did it come into existence?

·  Since the days of ancient Egypt, embalming has been part of the funeral process. The Egyptians embalmed for various reasons, believing it necessary in entering the “afterlife” because once in the afterlife, the deceased/decedent would need a body.

·  During the American Civil War, embalming was done to preserve the bodies of troops so that they could be shipped back to their families for burial.

·  Embalming began in America during the Civil War, embalming his first body in 1861, Dr. Thomas Holmes, is credited as being the Father of Modern Embalming.

·  Over the past decades, embalming has been undergoing profound transformational events, not only in the Philippines but worldwide. Today, embalming is also considered an art.

·  The procedure is significant for preservation of evidences such as in medico-legal cases.

·  Embalmers should be looked up to because of the significant manifold tasks they are rendering including the assistance they are providing the bereaved parties.