What are the recent developments on the embalming program?

a. Administrative Order No. 2010-0033 Revised IRR on Chapter XXI of PD 856

b. Department Circular # 2007-0135  “Reiteration on the observance of precautionary measures in the disposal of dead persons”

c. CEUE Resolution No. 2007-001 “Moratorium on the Renewal of License of Embalmers for the Past Five (5) Years and Over”

d. CEUE Resolution No. 2008-002 “Accredited Training Institutions and Training Providers for Embalmers for Year 2008-2011

e. Department Memorandum No. 2008-0009 “Designation of Human Resource Development Units (HRDUs) of Centers for Health Development (CHDs) as Coordinators for CEUE and CEMT”

f. Administrative Order No. 2007-0021 “Policies and Guidelines for the Accreditation of Training Institutions, Training Programs and Training Providers for Embalmers and Undertakers in the Philippines.

g. Department Circular No. 2009-0018 – “Reiteration on the strict implementation of CEUE Resolutions regarding Embalming Program”

h. CEUE Resolution No. 2009-001 “Creation of Committee for Continuing Embalmers Education Council (CEEC)”

i. Department Personnel Order No. 2011-0148 “Composition of DOH Continuing Embalmers Education (CEE) Council for the Year 2011-2012”

j. Memorandum dated 6 August 2010 to CHDs from HHRDB re: Updated on the CEUE Program”

k. CEUE Resolution No. 2010-001 “Directing the Adoption of the Code of Ethics for Embalmers Profession in the Philippines”

l. Developed/formulated the following:

-          Competency Standards for embalmers

-          Training regulations

-          Curriculum for the Licensure Examination

-          Manual for the Licensure Examination

-          DOH licensure Performance Protocols

m. Conducted the following:

-          Training of Trainers for Examiners and Assessors – July 12-14, 2010

-          Training on Test Construction for Accredited Training Providers – July 15-16, 2010

n. Conducting a Research on the Standardization of Professional Competencies and Licensure Examination for Embalmers and Massage Therapists” – 2010-2011, University of the Philippines Manila National Teacher Training Center for Health Professions (UPMNTTCHP).