Blood Donation Program

                 Republic Act No. 7719, also known as the National Blood Services Act of 1994, promotes voluntary blood donation to provide sufficient supply of safe blood and to regulate blood banks. This act aims to inculcate public awareness that blood donation is a humanitarian act.

                 The National Voluntary Blood Services Program (NVBSP) of the Department of Health is targeting the youth as volunteers in its blood donation program this year. In accordance with RA No. 7719, it aims to create public consciousness on the importance of blood donation in saving the lives of millions of Filipinos.

                 Based from the data from the National Voluntary Blood Services Program, a total of 654,763 blood units were collected in 2009. Fifty-eight percent of which was from voluntary blood donation and the remaining from replacement donation. This year, particular provinces have already achieved 100% voluntary blood donation. The DOH is hoping that many individuals will become regular voluntary unpaid donors to guarantee sufficient supply of safe blood and to meet national blood necessities.


  •  Blood Safety
  •  Blood Adequacy  
  •  Rational Blood Use
  •  Efficiency of Blood Services


The National Voluntary Blood Services Program (NVBSP) aims to achieve the following:

1. Development of a fully voluntary blood donation system;

2. Strengthening of a nationally coordinated network of BSF to increase efficiency by centralized testing and processing of blood;

3. Implementation of a quality management system including of Good Manufacturing Practice GMP and Management Information System (MIS);

4. Attainment of maximum utilization of blood through rational use of blood products and component therapy; and

5. Development of a sound, viable sustainable management and funding for the nationally coordinated blood network.

Program Manager:

Ms. Marites B. Estrella, RN, MM, MDM

Department of Health-National Voluntary Blood Services Program (DOH-NVBSP)

Pedrito Y. Tagayuna, MD, FPSP

Philippine Blood Center (OIC-Head)

Contact Number: 

995-3846 loc. 214 (PBC)

651-7800 loc. 1440 (DOH Central Office)



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