HAZE due to forest fire can cause air pollution which can bring about increased risks for Respiratory Tract Infections and Cardiac Ailments.

What to do?

Elderly, children and those with respiratory (Asthma ,COPD) and cardiovascular diseases:

• Stay indoors with good ventilation.
• Wear appropriate dust masks when going outside the house.
• Refrain from physical activities (exercise, etc) in heavily polluted areas.

Motorists should exercise extreme caution whenever on the road to prevent accidents.

• Use headlights/foglights.
• Follow the required minimum speed level and extreme caution in low, visibility driving.
• Ensure that vehicle is in good running condition.

Stay away from low-lying areas where smoke and suspended particles may settle.

Consult a doctor if there is:

• difficulty in breathing
• cough
• chest pain
• increased tearing of the eyes
• nose or throat irritation

Tune in to your radio or television for more health advisories.