COVID-19 Policies
Issuance Date Title
Department Circular 2020-0391 November 27, 2020 Price Range for COVID-19 Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Reaction (RT-PCR) Testing
Department Memorandum 2020-0512 November 26, 2020 Revised Omnibus Interim Guidelines on Prevention, Detection, Isolation, Treatment and Reintegration Strategies for COVID-19
Administrative Order 2020-0013-B November 25, 2020 Further Amendment to Administrative Order No. 2020-0013 dated 09 April 2020 entitled, “Revised Administrative Order No. 2020-0012, ‘Guidelines for the Implementation for the Inclusion of the COVID-19 in the list of Notifiable Diseases...
Administrative Order 2020-0054 November 25, 2020 Implementing Guidelines on the Provision of Life Insurance, Accommodation, Transportation and Meals to Public and Private Health Workers under Republic Act (RA) 11494 otherwise known as the “Bayanihan to Recover as One Act”
DOH-DTI Joint Administrative Order 2020-0001 November 24, 2020 Guidelines for the Implementation of Executive Order No. 118 on Regulation of Prices for COVID-19 Reverse Transcription - Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Testing and Test Kits
Department Memorandum 2020-0539 November 23, 2020 Interim Guidelines on the Conduct of COVID-19 Pooled Testing
Department Circular 2020-0383 November 19, 2020 Advisory on Health Facilities Offering COVID-19 Testing Services
Department Memorandum 2020-0270-A October 29, 2020 Amendment to Department Memorandum No. 2020-0270 entitled "Guidelines in the Certification of LIGTAS COVID Community Isolation Units"
Department Memorandum 2020-0468 October 26, 2020 Supplemental Guidance on the Use of Rapid Antigen Test Kits
Department Memorandum 2020-0439 October 06, 2020 Omnibus Interim Guidelines on Prevention, Detection, Isolation, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Strategies for COVID-19
Department Memorandum 2020-0446 October 05, 2020 Advisory on the Temporary Suspension for Select Regions on Securing License to Operate for COVID-19 Testing Laboratories using GeneXpert Technique
Department Memorandum 2020-0436 October 01, 2020 Minimum Data Requirements of COVID-19-related Information Systems